Training Treats

Liver Cake

1 kg ox liver (69p a kilo from Morrisons and probably even cheaper from a butcher - so I’m only spending about a pound a month on treats)
1 kg wholemeal flour
1 head of garlic
2 large eggs, beaten
Skimmed milk to mix


Food process the liver and the garlic (this makes a disgusting mess of the food processor, so now I do it in small batches with the Bamix, which is easier to clean).  Mix in the flour and eggs with enough milk to make a spreading consistency.

WELL grease and line a baking tin (I use an old roasting tin - and I line it with silicone baking paper since this stuff is murder to remove once it bakes on hard) and spread in the mixture.  Bake at 180º for 30 minutes or so, until it is a firm

When cool, turn out and cut into pieces small enough to be distributed to a good dog, or dogs, in a day, and freeze.

Keep the defrosted cake in the fridge.

Pilchard Cake

This is very much like the liver cake recipe but made with tinned pilchards and it’s delicious - all my pals at the agility club go mad for this - yum yum woof!!..

2 large tins pilchards in tomato sauce
10oz flour (we use self raising)
 2 eggs
 milk to mix

Mix all together in a food processor adding enough milk to make a soft cake like consistency and bake in large shallow tray (lined with silicone paper or you’ll never get it out of the tin) at 160 degrees until firm -  just like a sponge cake.

Cut into small cubes

Will keep in the fridge for up to one week or freeze

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  1. Just preparing for Sunny's first class on Monday by making the Pilchard recipe. Poor Sunny is going mad for it and I haven't even got it in the oven yet.